How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily

Easy way to remove glitter nail polish: The nail polish with glitter or nail glitter always provide a dramatic and striking result, but certainly also know that removing them becomes a headache. And is that if you try to remove polish only with cotton and nail polish remover.

it will take a long time until you get it completely removed from your nails. For this reason, at OneHowTo we want to explain some tips on how to remove glitter nail polish easily.

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Steps to Follow Remove Glitter Nail Polish:

Step 1: First of all, to remove the glitter nail polish easily, you should use cotton either the traditional hydrophilic, in balls or in the form of discs normally used when removing make-up. Next, you will have to make small pieces the size of your nails, one for each of them.

cotton for Remove Glitter Nail Polish
Step1: Take Cotton for Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Step 2: Next, you should soak the small pieces of cotton in nail polish remover and place them on top of each of the glitter-painted nails. You can opt for products with acetone, although we suggest those that do not contain this corrosive component, as this will protect nails and cuticles.

soak the small pieces of cotton in nail polish remover
Step 2: Soak the small pieces of cotton in nail polish remover

Step 3: The next step to easily remove the glitter nail polish will be to wrap each nail with a strip of aluminium foil, covering the cotton. Make sure it is tight so the cotton stays on top of the nails.

wrap each nail with a strip of aluminum foil
Step 3: Wrap each nail with a strip of aluminum foil

Step 4: Let the nail polish remover work for about 10 minutes so that the glitter nail polish softens and is easy to remove. After this time, we remove the wrapping from the nail and we will see how most of the enamel will have remained on the cotton.  It is likely that you still have traces of paint on your nails, which you will have to remove with cotton and nail polish remover as you usually do with any other nail polish.

removed Remove Glitter Nail Polish from fingures
Step 4: Enjoyed Your Removed Glitter Nail Polish from fingure

Step 5: Finally, wash your hands well with soap and water, emphasizing the nails and then apply a moisturizing cream or oil to keep your hands in perfect condition. We also recommend you consult our article How to have softer hands easily so that you do not forget any care.

soft hands

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Still Have Doubt? Why is glitter nail polish hard to remove?

Now, Glitter polish not at all easy to hard to stick out. check the step-by-step process to remove nail polish.

Look Remove Glitter Nail Polish: No Foil Method!

Girls love the glitter nail polish as traditionally but very hard the removal procedure. I discovered an easier way to take the sparklies off, without needing to put up too much of a fight. Take a look!

Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily No Foil Method!
  1. Collect your materials! You are going to need a nail polish remover, cotton balls, and a pair of scissors.
  2. Unroll a cotton ball, forming a long and flat piece of cotton.
  3. Split the part of cotton in half lengthwise. This cotton ball was a tiny bit larger, so I managed to split it lengthwise into four strips.
  4. Cut the cotton strips into smaller rectangles large enough to cover your nail beds.
  5. Take your nail polish remover, and put some out into the cap.
  6. You do not need to dip the entire cotton. just a slice to remove the cotton will soak up the liquid by itself. You want the cotton well saturated, and careful, cuz you Might Have some dripping if there’s too much.
  7. Put the soaked cotton piece onto your nail, covering as much of the nail colour as possible. Make sure there’s contact between the nail and cotton colour! Repeat on all of your nails.
  8. Allow the cotton sit nail colour for approximately 3 minutes. Be certain that you lightly press down on the cotton during the waiting time to make sure there is contact!
  9. You will see that nearly all of the glitter gloss is gone, with far less work.
  10. Do everything again in the same way that you want to. I managed to completely eliminate my glitter nail polish after two times.

This isn’t only for remove glitter nail polishes, you can take advantage of this technique on regular polishes too. It is way easier and less attempt to get it done this way, as opposed to sitting there and always attempting to scratch and rub off the gloss for long amounts of time!

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