Makeup Guide for Beginners 2021- All the Makeup Basics to Know

Many people search for a beginner’s makeup guide online as the makeup field has become like an art. The more you apply the more you learn.

With this art, there are no boundaries, age, gender, or color. Only satisfaction and perfectionism increase. 

But many girls and ladies who are new to the beauty industry may not know most of the products but it also means that you want to learn!

This is more important than anything else. We are here to help you find the right makeup products to allow you to embark on this unique journey.

Almowafir coupons site provides you with a guide for beginners in makeup that you can test and apply to get the look you want.

2021 Beginner’s Make Up Guide – What Products Should I Use and How?

2021 Beginner's Make Up Guide

The first rule in cosmetics is to buy makeup products from trusted brands.

You should know that inexpensive products are full of harmful chemicals that, over time, can cause long-term skin problems.

Of course, we don’t mean that you should buy quality luxury products. You can be satisfied with the products found in well-known pharmacies and online stores.

Among the stores that we recommend in the Arab world, we find all of the faces, Golden Scent, Amazon, Noon, Namshi and others.

8 Makeup Product Essentials Every Woman Should Own

 8 Makeup Product Essentials Every Woman Should Own

You can use Beauty and Skincare coupons from our website and get important discounts when purchasing any of the products that we will discuss.

1 The Importance of Makeup Primer

Primer is the first step in our make-up guide for beginners. This product will help create an even base for applying the rest of the cosmetics.

It works to control sebum secretions, reduce the size of pores and protect against free radicals. In short, this is your first line of defense!

There are many types of primers that you can choose from, depending on the color and type of your skin, and even the products that you want to apply on top.

2 The Importance of Makeup Foundation

A foundation or foundation is one that unifies your complexion and makes it even all over your face.

It can mask problems like freckles, acne and any other blemishes and give you full coverage.

3 Concealer Makeup Sse

Concealer or concealer is a product designed to hide imperfections. Sometimes foundation fails to hide dark circles and some imperfections. Then concealer comes into play!

There are several types of concealers that you can choose from, depending on the nature of blemishes and your skin type. Just don’t forget to use discount coupons when purchasing.

4 Contouring Makeup For Beginners

Contouring is a cosmetic that aims to highlight the features of your face well. The best areas to apply contouring are the cheekbones, forehead and nose. This creates an impression of shadows with a cool grayish-brown undertone.

There are many types of powder to liquid and cream formulations that give a more natural color, so you can try them independently later or use both.

5 bronzer Makeup Brush

If you’re a fan of sun glow, bronzer is the product. It is quite similar to contouring when applied to the face, but it gives a more natural look.

The warm undertones of bronzer can help you look the perfect for a fun time while on vacation.

Use of Highlighter Makeup

This product will help you accentuate the highlights of your face and achieve a glowing finish. These highlighters feature a shimmering formula that can range from dew to shine!

It comes as a powder, cream, or liquid. And since we’re talking about a beginner’s makeup guide, powder is the right choice.

But the best results are provided by the highlighter in the form of a gel, only experience and constant training is required to get the perfect look.

Setting Powder for Skin & Use in Makeup

Setting powder only holds your makeup in place, it either has a sheer color or a complexion.

The powder is easy to apply and prevents frizz and keeps your makeup looking its best for a long time.

You can use Amazon discount coupons and buy various setting powders for your makeup.

setting powder vs compact powder

The Both Powder depends on your skin type if the skin is oily or not. Compact Powder can be used without foundation but setting powder is mainly to set the foundation as well

Compact powder comes in a compact and contains ingredients used to turn it into a semi-solid form. The particles are slightly bigger here. applying too much-pressed powder can result in a cakey appearance.

Using a little as a touch-up throughout the day, though, is quick and easy. Setting powder has fine particles and it’s a little messy to handle. it could go on after your foundation to get rid of shine and basically set your makeup. The usage depends on your skin type. Compact Powder could be used without foundation but the vice-versa setting powder is usually used to set the foundation.

8 Blush or Powder Blush

Blush or blush. Use to create a shy, glowing look. It is either a cream, powder, or liquid product.

BLUSH: it is one of our favorites as it gives us that fresh and healthy touch, the blush or blush brings natural color to our cheeks. Depending on your skin type, you can use the Montrose Blush, for white or brown skin that likes a more pink effect, or the Peach moom light and the new Sunset blush for skin with a warm undertone, which can be light skin with yellowish or brown tones. .”

How to use,

Depending on the shape of the face, our makeup artist always recommends that if you have a very thin face and with few cheeks, the ideal would be to place it on the apples of your cheeks that are made when you smile and blur it towards the birth of the eyebrows, if on the contrary, you have a round face it would be best not to focus so much on the cheekbone but to take it from the center of the iris to the back, between the illuminator and the contour.

And if you are a beginner in the cosmetic field, we recommend that you always use powder after foundation and powder.

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Makeup Guide For Beginners – Eye Products

Makeup Guide For Beginners
Makeup Guide For Beginners

We go through now to find out the most prominent eye makeup products Coupons you will need to make your look even more beautiful.

Eyeshadow primer use in Makeup and Discounts

Eye shadow primer is the basis for applying eye shadow. You can do without it for daily use.

Helps increase color prominence throughout the day and provides color protection from highly pigmented products.

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eye shadow

Eye shadow or eyeshadow. Here comes the most vital part of a makeup guide for beginners.

The eyeshadows come in powdery form in every color imaginable. Matte, glossy, bi-gloss, etc.

These makeup products help you create any look you want using eyeshadow palettes of various types.

Make-up expert advice: Always check the dye’s yield. The higher the concentration of the dye, the less the product will be used and it will last you longer.

Eye Liner Pencil Power

Eyeliner or eyeliner pen. The role of these products is to define the shape of your eyes and give them a touch of elegance.

It is used on the contour of the eyes to provide a more distinctive look.

It comes in liquid, gel and pencil form. It’s easy to apply gel and liquid eyeliner on the outer eyelid. While the eyeliner pen can be used on the lower eyelid.

Mascara Makeup Use

They are products that help in thickening and lengthening eyelashes. It makes a whole look and better of hers while adding a little drama to your daily beauty routine.

Makeup Guide For Beginners – Eyebrow Makeup Products

Makeup Guide For Beginners - Eyebrow Makeup Products

Below we look at the eyebrow makeup products you will need. Prices are excellent, especially with the Noon coupons .

1 Eyebrow pencil of makeup

Eyebrow pencil plays an important role in creating your desired eyebrow shape with a more natural look. It comes in a classic pencil form or a wax formula.

2 Eyebrow gel of Makeup

This gel keeps eyebrow hair in optimum condition all day long. You can use transparent gel or choose some colors to increase the thickness of them.

3 eyebrow powder of Makeup

After you define your attractive eyebrow shape with an eyebrow pencil, powder will help fill it in. You can fill in the empty areas to make the eyebrow thick.

Tip: Use eyebrow powder closer to your hair color

Makeup Guide For Beginners – Lip Products

Makeup Guide For Beginners - Lip Products

You can find many high-quality lip products in Golden Scent and other online stores.

lipstick shades for fair skin & Dark Skin

The lipstick provides color and protection to your lips. Some modern varieties have a moisturizing effect as well. The classic type of lipstick comes in a bullet in the form of a hard stick.

In recent years, liquid lipsticks have appeared that are easy to apply with a soft brush and last longer than classic lipsticks.

Lip Gloss For Girls Makeup

An intense shimmering lip liner, it gives your lips a plumping effect. It can be transparent with many colorful.

Lip Liner Use In Makeup

It is a lip liner that is used to give it a fuller look. You can also use it as a pad to your lips to prevent lipstick bleeding. This will make applying lipstick easier and more efficient.

Finally, we hope you liked this makeup guide for beginners and we hope you feel that you now understand the right way to choose products that will further beautify your looks.

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