How to Create SEO Friendly Content?

Writing is an art! Even after years of practice, writers could either write engaging content or SEO friendly content. There are very few pro writers who could engage their audience with SEO friendly content.

SEO friendly content.

Today, we are focusing on writing content that appeals to the bots instead of the real audience.

However, the case should be that each and every piece of content you write for your website from onsite blogs to guest post for third party posting – must be logical and comprehensible by human readers in addition to the search engines.

Interesting content can also be SEO friendly. Disappointedly, most of the companies still not believe in the power of content and thus, hire less paid copywriters who are freshers or have comparatively less experience in the domain of digital marketing or technical SEO.

Content is Always the King of SEO Friendly Content

The digital landscape can be impactful only when digital communication is functional. Therefore, it can be concluded that a content writer carries more clout than most in the endless world of digital marketing.

The power of SEO friendly content can lower your investments and help you in achieving a good ROI.

Content is the King of SEO Friendly Content
Content is king written on a paper

Content is king written on a paper.

Creating engaging and SEO-friendly content needs practice and attention. Emerging writers search for SEO friendly content writing tips on Google to polish their writing skills.

Checkout 5 steps to be followed to become a pro writer with SEO Friendly Content.

1. Keyword Research For SEO Friendly Content

proper keyword research

The keyword is the basic unit of SEO. This fact is known to every digital marketer and content writer but for some reason, it gets neglected. In the present day, you can search for thousands of blogs online, written without proper keyword stuffing or proper keyword research.

Implementation of a clear keyword strategy includes optimizing your website and inserting targeted keyword(s) to it so that your audience can reach you.

2. Related Keyword List

Keywords can be categorized as focus keywords, long-tail keywords, and related keywords. Enlist the related keywords you discovered while your keyword research. You can strengthen the SEO of your website by adding related keywords.

3. Engaging & Optimized Title (Headlines)

A headline or title is the first thing that can bring visitors to you. It should be engaging and catchy. A headline should be-

  1. Short and crisp (around 60 characters)
  2. Self-explainable
  3. Generate curiosity
  4. Should answer 5 W’s (What/ When/ Why/ Where/ Who)
  5. Must have keyword

4. Enhance the Mindset

Your focus is extremely important. So, first get over with the other things which might get in the way while writing. Be it music, booze or hunger; get over it to get on with writing. Because once you started writing, you must go with the flow. Enhance your concentration power if needed.

5. Begin Writing SEO Friendly Content

Put all your heart and mind to it. Write about what you feel is right. The first few lines of your writing will decide whether your reader continues to read or leave. So make it intriguing. Try to be a conversation starter. Gain the trust of your readers by assuring them that they are about to discover something new, profitable for them, something which is not known to all.

Avoid writing thick and lengthy paragraphs because that might scare your audience.


Once the writer begins writing it is normal to go far from the topic and that’s the reason proofreading is essential. The information you give in your writing might be interesting but your readers will appreciate if you stick to the topic. And that’s what we call a challenge; a challenge that comes around when we try to write an engaging piece of content that is SEO friendly content.

While proofreading a piece of SEO content make sure-

  • Presence of keywords at appropriate places
  • Relevant information is provided
  • Keyword Density
  • The type of language used must be easy to understand

 In the Nutshell: Writing SEO content can be a bit of a challenge even for professional writers. So, if you have the zeal to write creatively as well as SEO-friendly content you can do it, but only if you are ready to try hard. Follow the simple tips given above and start your path towards writing. Enjoy Writing which is written by Coupon Looto!

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