Should I buy a Xiaomi tablet? Suggestion Top products to buy 2020

M as caused tablet  Xiaomi is one of the modern technological equipment, a lot of people love and use. With this versatile tool, users can do all operations at work in a convenient way. The following article will provide useful information to help you understand more about this tablet.

tablet  Xiaomi 2021

Are xiaomi tablet reviews good?

The machines  tablet  Genuine  Xiaomi  can  be  conquered  by  users  manual  Vietnam . The reason is because Xiaomi’s configuration is both durable, the interface is good but the price is mid-range and everyone can afford it.

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The second good thing that you should own this Xiaomi, is  the metal monolithic design , bringing elegance and elegance to the person who uses them. The screen is full of edges and  edges, helping the user to hold it firmly, even if it falls, only scratches the shell.

With a strong configuration  Android operating system  , a Xiaomi tablet can  give you a smooth experience, helping  you to meet   daily needs  such as working, playing games , entertainment , …

Which country is Xiaomi brand? Developments

Xiaomi is a  trademark of  Chinese technology conglomerate, headquartered  in  Beijing. Into  established since 2011 and is  seen as an  important technology headquarters of  China . In 2015,  Xiaomi  officially  became the  5th largest  technology manufacturer in the world and 1st in the  Chinese market. This is a miracle that Xiaomi technology brings to users, starting to launch the  Mi Pad  1   tablet from  201 3 and by 2020, has gone through 4 product lines to  Xiaomi Mi Pad.  4.

Not  only specializing in electronic technology, Xiaomi also affirmed its market through areas such as  TVs, TV boxes, power banks,  sensor backup chargers ,  speakers, electric cars … water heaters, Smart home system …

Currently, Xiaomi is thriving  and  targeting very large  markets  with high coverage . However, it is still prominent that users know the Xiaomi name that is  phone,  tablet, laptop, …

The current line of Xiaomi tablets

Up to now, Xiaomi has launched to the market 4 lines of its own computer with full features and powerful support tools for office workers, entertainment users, … according to the level of elevation. .

current line of Xiaomi tablets

1. Xiaomi Mi Pad  Generation 1 

This is the first line of Xiaomi, with a compact design, fits in the hand, has a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels , has a large 7.9 inch screen, brings a comfortable feeling for users when first contacting the computer. board. With touch technology 8.MP rear camera , combined with  5.M front camera , full of features for camera, video, …   Xiaomi Mi Pad  1 is the first cumulative version of a phone and a desktop computer. Normally, both have functions of listening and calling, entertaining and editing documents in the working process.

2. Xiaomi Mi Pad  2nd generation

Xiaomi Mi Pad  2 tablet is the second generation designed more advanced than the first version in terms of luxury design, equipped with 2 front cameras, a screen for 2K high resolution, … is the  Xiaomi Mi Pad  2 is upgraded to  version Windows 10  has a smooth ,  help support local office for quick and convenient in tasks such as editing, sharing data, …

However  , the time of use and  performance are not high and can  not meet 1 working day  for office workers.

3. Xiaomi Mi Pad  3rd generation

T etting was also screen 7.9-inch 1536 x 2048 px,  however, features  improved notably of Xiaomi Mi Pad  3 that  the battery capacity is huge, up to 6,600 mAh  and  activities continue for 12 hours. The camera has also been improved  and  upgraded to a 13 MP frame. The Mi Pad 3 comes in only one 64 GB storage version  and  does not have a microSD slot.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. Generation  4

This  is the highest tablet model of the Xiaomi series , with a number of numbers including Snapdragon 660 processor, 3GB or 4GB version as you  like , 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB internal memory ,  8 inch screen size , great deal. 600 0 battery , help you watch movies and surf the web, as well as serve all day long work . Mi Pad 4 uses aluminum material, metal frame is very sturdy and luxurious. However , a minus point for  Mi Pad 4  is  a strong reflective screen, difficult to see the screen of the machine when it is sunny .

In addition ,  Mi Pad 4 Plus is an upgraded version of Mi Pad 4 10.1 inch screen size ,  battery capacity increased to 8620 mAh . However, the price of this machine is quite high , users have to pay  at least 7 million VND  for  Mi Pad 4 Plus.

How good is the Xiaomi tablet?

Xiaomi tablet

In general , Xiaomi is one of the mid-range products, so most of the  tablet models  have a common feeling about:

Design : Xiaomi tablets  often change their appearance and upgrade according to the lines , but they all have  metal casing, a responsive chip system that can handle promptly and quickly. 

– The configuration  of the Xiaomi brand tablet is biased towards  the Windows  version and the Android version,  you will experience the software experience quite similar to a laptop combined with a phone , you can listen to calls comfortably by sim.

–  OS:  1 in 2  Android OS or Windows 10 (64GB) .

–  The processor: Intel Atom Z8500-X5.

–  Screen 7.9 inch IPS with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels

–  Rear camera: 8 MP, 1080p  –  Front camera: 5 MP

– Connectivity, utility features / applications :  For a Xiaomi tablet , you can connect and share to many different devices of the same or different systems, the connection point is formatted quickly. fast with  relatively large capacity .

Performance on Windows is very different from the performance of Android , because  the benmark parameters of these two lines do not have the same point . So the connection speed of Android performance   is definitely better, but the shared security of Windows performance is second to none.

Regarding utility features / applications , users can  experience playing games , surfing the web, working, …  , the configuration of Xiaomi is considered quite good. The battery life of the tablet is also quite good compared to other tablets on the market.

– The price  of  this tablet depends on the capacity of the memory, but the price ranges from 4 million VND to  5.5 million VND. This is a reasonable price for a tablet product today.

Top 2 best Xiaomi tablets to buy 2020

1. Tablet Mi p ad 1

This is Xiaomi’s first line, with  dimensions of 202×135,4×8.5 mm and a weight of about 360 g , compact, convenient to carry. The device feels solid , the front of the device is the familiar Mi logo in the left corner of the screen . The back is designed camera with a resolution of 8.0 MP.

Xiaomi tablet

Xiaomi MiPad  1  is equipped with a 7.9 inch wide screen ,  a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels for 324 ppi pixel density . 2GB capacity, with a powerful configuration that handles multiple applications at the same time  and still runs smoothly. The device is equipped with a high-capacity 6700 mAh battery , which  satisfies the needs of working at high intensity .

Recommended price: 1,700,000 VND.

2. Xiaomi Mipad 2 tablet 7.9 inch 2Gb / 16Gb

This is the  second generation Xiaomi tablet with an  eye-catching design with luxurious and elegant colors . Camera  8.0 PM  for sharp and true images . The configuration of Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 works very quietly , along with the  battery of Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with a long life , suitable for office people working with a large amount of time without  fast battery drain . Mipad 2 tablet from Xiaomi has 2 main versions, which are 2 GB version and 16 GB version, for users to enjoy using.

Xiaomi Mipad 2 tablet 7.9 inch 2Gb / 16Gb

However ,  for some games with heavy configuration , the  Mi Pad 2 has not been optimized to satisfy those heavy applications . Although during use, the battery will still be worn, but not significantly . And  this is also a mid-range product line , people can own this product easily.

Reference price: 1.690.000 VND.

Hopefully the following article will help you have an objective look at Xiaomi tablets and choose for yourself a satisfied and effective tablet, helping you to get all the work done. 

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