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About  PureVPN

The idea for the PureVPN was conceived in 2006 as an practically experiment for a personal use VPN service. It was made for the purpose of disengage certain websites that had restrictedly access in certain parts over the world. But now, the company has customers across 6 acres with over 80,000 IP addresses and 500+ VPN servers house in 141+ countries. These resources can be used by the customers to browse securely and privately which, ultimately, web freely is the aim of any best VPN company.

Why choose PureVPN?

Before we answer the question, let’s find out what exactly is a VPN, use for and why do we need VPN?

VPN stands for the Virtual Private Network. A VPN plays a is very important in today’s digital world. What a VPN does is that it routes your web traffics through an encrypted tunnel until it reaches the VPN’s secured servers. A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Applications running across a VPN may therefore benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network. Encryption is common, although not an inherent, part of a VPN connection. These servers then communicate with the widely web. So, the Virtual private network servers basically serve as an intermediary between the World Wide Web and the users.

This process of the VPN encryption of traffic is actually quite useful nowadays. It helps in warding off hackers, advertisers or even government spies. So, A VPN allows you to browse the web securely.

VPNs could also help to be used to see restricted content in countries having to confine internet laws which allow the people of that country to see what their government is not showing. It also acts as a useful tool to unlock region-locked services like BBC and NetFlix, which are available only in a few countries.

Let’s find out from the following points:

Application interface – The application interface may be a little confusing for the first time user, but once you get to know it, it turns out to be fairly easy to use application interface. It allows the user to easily detect all VPN servers with a single mouse. It automatically detects the fastest server around the user’s location. The PureVpn application is an intelligently designed layout so that all the services that may be required by the user are readily available in one portal.

Multi-Device Access and Compatibility – PureVPN Application gives you the facility to connect 5 devices simultaneously to their VPN service. This feature is an amazing neat one as you can now protect multiple devices under the same roof without having to buy different services for each device's purpose.

Pure VPN seamlessly integrates with various devices, such as PCs and mobile phones, running on different operating systems. Some of the compatible operating systems include Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.

High-grade data encryption protocol – PureVPN protects your data with the help of SSTP (256-bit encryption), PPTP (128-bit encryption), and L2TP/IPSEC (a hybrid of 128-bit and 256-bit encryption). However, PureVPN not support the OpenVPN protocol which is the more popular choice at present. But, since they are testing a beta version of OpenVPN, they might include this protocol in the future.

No capping on bandwidth and unlimited server switches – Pure VPN allows you to browse the web discreetly without any capping of bandwidth. This means you can stream an unlimited amount of content from Net-Flix, play online games, or browse through your favorite websites without worrying about a fixed bandwidth limit. Also, if you are not satisfied with your current server, you can switch your server as many times as you want to. However, there is a fair usage policy in place which states that a user is entitled to a maximum usage limit of 200 sessions per day.

Fast VPN Service – There is consistently a drop in speed when you peruse the web utilizing a VPN administration. All the encryption and decoding destroys a portion of the download speed and furthermore expands the idleness of the association. PureVPN has its own organization with more than 500 workers and an actual presence in 141 nations. They guarantee to be the main VPN supplier with this degree of worldwide presence. These organizations utilize a programmed load adjusting strategy that gives clients ideal velocities for the duration of the day.

Online Privacy – One of the primary explanations behind utilizing a VPN is to keep up online security. PureVPN gives simply that. It forestalls outsider reconnaissance by making a scrambled passage through which information streams, in this way concealing your IP address and area, which makes it practically inconceivable for outsiders and ISPs to follow your online exercises. Likewise, with its AES-256 encryption, your own and monetary data is shielded from digital crooks. PureVPN additionally shields clients from Geo-Targeting, wherein the client's protection is penetrated by publicists, online advertisers, and web crawlers, whose sole design is to spam the client with area-based promotions.

Browsing freedom – With PureVPN you can uninhibitedly peruse the net by bypassing all the limitations forced by your ISP or government. With PureVPN's administration, you at this point don't need to stress over speed choking that is finished by ISPs, which is essentially the controlling of web speed by the ISP as for the kind of information the client is seeing. The organization likewise gives VoIP benefits and encodes VoIP interchanges which empower clients in nations like China, Mexico, Panama, and so on, where VoIP administrations are peered downward on, to appreciate the advantages of VoIP.

Zero Logging of the User's Activities – PureVPN invests wholeheartedly in itself by guaranteeing that not at all like other VPN administrations, they give prime significance to the customer's protection and don't keep logs of their exercises. This implies that there is no record of your exercises at all in PureVPN's information base which is an extraordinary element in a VPN as this leaves zero hint of your advanced strides.

Quick streaming – PureVPN furnishes customers with rapid streaming amusement alongside a HDX streaming extra part. This makes watching recordings on destinations like NetFlix and Hulu an astonishing involvement in a speed increase of up to 60 Mbps.

Split burrowing – This device empowers the PureVPN customer to stay dynamic for specific applications through traffic from different applications streams beyond the VPN burrow. Clients have the adaptability of adding or eliminating projects of their decision through the split burrowing tab. This component can be empowered or crippled at whatever point required. It gigantically useful in taking the heap off the VPN burrow and improves execution.

Pure Vpn Trial option – Pure VPN provides a paid trial option to the user with a 3-day money-back guarantee, frankly, is better than a free trial option because with there is usually no restriction or limitation in a paid trial. Users can work with all features that Pure VPN has to offer across all platforms which makes it easier for users to gauge the quality of the VPN and then make an informed decision. User Also Use PureVpn Coupon Code before buy the services.

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Customer Support – PureVPN has a fabulous customer care team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can get a hold of them through a support ticket system as well as live chat.

VPN for Windows
Split tunneling for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture
Multiple language support
Robust 256-bit encryption ensures total security and protection
Great performance
Beautiful interface
Easy to install
Live statistics and reports
Five modes of connectivity
Optimized servers
VPN for Mac
Superior privacy with SSTP on your Mac OS
Multiple language support
Robust 256-bit encryption ensures total security and protection
Great performance
Beautiful interface
Easy to install
Live statistics and reports
Five modes of connectivity
Optimized servers
VPN for Android
Fast and optimized app tailored for android
Auto reconnect option
Multiple language support
Robust 256-bit encryption ensures total security and protection
Great performance
Beautiful interface
Easy to install
Live statistics and reports
Five modes of connectivity
There are more than a dozen purposes on the app from which the user can choose from
App settings can be managed with ease
VPN for iPhone
Fast and optimized app tailored for iPhone
Auto reconnect option
Multiple language support
Robust 256-bit encryption ensures total security and protection
Great performance
Dedicated IP option for premium iOS users
Beautiful interface
Easy to install
Live statistics and reports
Five modes of connectivity
App settings can be managed with ease
Easy server switching
VPN for businesses
PureVPN offers bundled discounts for businesses
They provide a dedicated management portal which can be used to manage employee accounts
Dedicated bandwidth for corporate users
A dedicated account manager is assigned to Business VPN users
Business VPN holders enjoy quick support services
Dedicated servers for corporate users
One account is maintained for the entire organisation which proves beneficial for most large organisations
Helps in secure and undetectable browsing by the company employees and prevents competitors to spy on the organisation’s research

Plans and Pricing
PureVPN provides 3 types of plans:

The monthly plan – It is best suited for a short term purpose. Its rate is $9.99 per month
The half-yearly plan – It costs $7.99 per month for six months and turns out to be comparatively cheaper than the monthly plan.
The annual plan – It is best suited for a long term purpose. It costs $4.99 per month for a 12 month period and turns out to be the most economical plan of all.
All the above plans have the same features and there is no compromise in quality in either one of them.

Payment Methods
PureVPN provides a wide array of payment options. Users can choose from any one of the 150+ options available to them. Here is the broad list of all the payment options that are available:

Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Visa Electron, Delta
Payment Wallet – AliPay, Webmoney, Yandex, Qiwi, Ukash, iDeal, MyCard Wallet, Necard, etc.
Giftcards – Starbucks, Walmart, etc.
PureVPN gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can ask for a full refund within seven days and you will get your refund provided that you did not violate the terms and conditions specified on the website. So, be sure to go through them once before buying. Along with this, they also guarantee 100% online security and protection.

Is it Genuine?
PureVPN is a genuine VPN service which can be adjudged by seeing mostly positive reviews on tech blogs and magazines. It has featured on famous names like The New York Times, Wired, Mashable, WIRED, PC Magazine, LifeHacker, Cnet, Gizmodo and many others.

Shopping Tips
If you want to get a killer deal, do look out for their seasonal and festive sales like Summer Special Sale, Black Friday Sale, Christmas Sale, etc. Usually in these sales, along with a cheaper price, you get a host of paid features for free.

Contact and Support
Social Media Presence
PureVPN on Facebook – www.facebook.com/PureVPNcom
PureVPN on Twitter – www.twitter.com/purevpn
PureVPN on Google+ – www.plus.google.com/+Purevpncom
PureVPN on YouTube – www.youtube.com/c/purevpncom

You can get a better idea of the functioning and customer support of PureVPN by visiting the above social media links. Also, by following PureVPN on social media you get to know of their latest developments and offers. So, be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on PureVPN’s next big sale.

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